A Few Easy Ways To Keep Your Office Reception Clean.

A Few Easy Ways To Keep Your Office Reception Clean.

They say it’s always important to make a good first impression, that is what a first glance a  your office reception area will do for Your business. Ensuring your office reception is clean and tidy is essential as it will most likely be the first thing any visitor at your premises will see. While they wait for their appointment, they’ll no doubt be making an opinion of your company based on what they are greeted with. wether that be  muddy carpets and cluttered counters to long-lasting lunch smells, there are many elements which could get your next meeting off on the wrong start.

An inviting and clean reception area helps your business make a positive first impression on clients visiting your work place, as well as  prospective employees and customers. If your reception interior is in need of some TLC, below are four ways to ensure your reception area can be looking its best…

Declutter and organise

A cluttered, crowded reception area will not make visitors feel at ease. Instead, a small, cluttered space will have a  negative impact on your business, stipulating that your work space is limited and your company is disorganised. Here are some tips you can use to make your office reception clean and feel bigger:

get rid of the clutter 

 If your reception area has to be used for files, stationary and other business equipment, look for alternative solutions, for example under desk filing cabinets or other types of concealed solutions for this material. Keep magazines to a minimum – Providing magazines in your reception can be a welcoming option for your clientel but take care not to clutter your reception with magazines. A small, regularly refreshed collection will be more than enough.

Really think about the furniture you pick for your reception 

 Minimise furniture in your reception area. The aim isn’t to have your guests waiting around in your reception area for their appoinment, downsizing the furntiture to a couple modern chairs and maybe a few nice plants will open your constrictive space up and give a clean natural feel.

Prevent bad smells

If your office is open plan, it will be hard to get away from the fact that your workplace may smell of coffee and tupperware lunches. These smells drift and lingre Wherever possible, the need to reduce these smells in your reception area is very important as bad scents can majorly influence a visitor’s first impression of your business. Ban the consumption of food in the reception area and surrounding areas, and maybe think about using an essential oil burner, or scent diffusers to make sure your reception smell as inviting and pleasant as it possibly can. 

Using the best flooring for your room

Your reception area will more than likely receive a high level of footfall (employees will more than likely pass through the reception to and from their desks). This will mean that your reception carpet or flooring will need to be hoovered, swept or mopped more frequently than other rooms. Making sure you use a boot scraper and the right kind of doormat at the entrance of your premises will help prevent mud and debris affecting your reception area.

Add waste facilities

A small waste/recycling bins are an essential feature in your reception space. These extras will help visitors dispose of rubbish conveniently – without leaving waste in your workplace. To provide a little extra comfort in your waiting area, you may also choose to provide a water dispenser.

Create a regular cleaning rota that gives your reception space special attention. Cleaning Company Bristol have delivered exceptional office cleaning services across South West for many years. Contact us today for a free no obligation quote.

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