COVID-19 Office Cleaning & Ammendments

COVID-19 Office Cleaning & Ammendments

If your workplace is reopening, there are a few basic steps you should follow to ensure your workplace will be compliant with COVID-19 guidelines, Which in turn will keep your staff as safe as possible. The Health and Safety Executive has published a more detailed list of cleaning measures to help your workplace be COVID-compliant.

Create One-way systems

Where possible, your workplace should install separate entrances and exits. This will help reduce over-crowding as people enter and leave,and make sure social distancing can be accomplished.

Stagger the times employees’ arrive

Set out different arrival times for your employees’. This will also help to maintain people are using entrances, bathrooms and allother facilities at different times.

Set up Hand sanitiser stations

It is important you Set up hand sanitiser stations at the most commonly used locations throughout your building, ensuring the entrance and              the most frequently touched facilities (e.g. next to bathrooms and printers etc.). Providing hand sanitisers at each workstation will help to make sure hand hygiene is as successful as possible.

Placing barriers and screens

A useful way to Protect staff who come face to face with customers daily, or staff who have regular interactions with other employees such as receptionists, by setting up barriers and screens.

Cleaning scheduals

Apply a regular cleaning schedule for equipment/furniture that are regularly touched throughout the office, for example door handles, printers, sinks. These should be cleaned multiple times per day.

Minimize touching

The fewer objects that staff have to come into contact with, the better chance you have of reducing transmission. You may want to keep doors open which in turn will reduce touching door handles, use automatic soap dispensers. Maybe ask staff to bring a flask of their own hot drink from home to reduce the amount of people using the kitchen appliances.

Make sure you brief your staff on all COVID-19 cleaning updates and new workplace regulations. Email regular updates and ensure posters are displayed with guidance in the office. Ensuring regular hand-washing is extremely important.

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