How Professional Cleaning Can Help To Prevent Illness Spreading In The Work Place.

How Professional Cleaning Can Help To Prevent Illness Spreading In The Work Place.

When that time of year arrives and colds start to spread through the office, it’s only a matter of time before most of your staff are sneezing and  coughing. Aside from ensuring employees stay home when they are feeling unwell, there are many ways employers can ease the spread of germs in the workplace. It is of up-most importance to maintain good health and hygiene in the workplace. Whether your aim is to reduce sick leave or want to make sure productivity stays as high as possible, putting measures in place to keep your team in good health is a worthy investment. Showing you care about employees’ health is extremely beneficial to your company. Staff who feel valuated – are more likely to feel engaged at work. This, in turn increases your employees’ happiness, productivity and creativity.

Below are some handy hygiene tips that should help to stop the spread of germs in your workplace.

 Hand Hygiene

Hands are the biggest carriers of germs in almost any environment. Ensuring employees’ stay on top of cleaning the most frequently used objects our hands come into contact with (e.g. keyboards, computer mice and telephones) is cruital but it’s also important that employees’ hands are kept as clean as possible. Using automatic soap dispensers in the bathrooms and making sure antibacterial hand gel is accessable at each work station. No-touch taps are an extremley beneficial choice. Cleaning door handles with antibacterial spray will also make a big difference.


Workplace Hygiene from the start

Implimenting a workplace culture of good hygiene is one of the very best ways to keep your office healthy. Although it’s not practical for every business to arrange daily professional cleaning, it is a good idea for companies to provide the tools their employees’ need to maintain good hygiene levels inbetween professional cleans. Ensure all members of staff wipe down their work areas before the start and end of each shift. Make sure antibacterial wipes are available promote this practice.


Frequent and fresh air in the workplace

Air quality is an extremley important and frequently overlooked way to improve your employees’ health and hygiene in the workplace. During the colder months, when you arent able to open the windows as much, static and stale air can become a breeding ground for germs. Think about investing in air filtration systems to help keep your workplace fresh. Not forgetting of course that air filters and vents need to be cleaned regularly to ensure they stay dust-free and effective. 

Here at Cleaning Company Bristol we are commercial cleaning specialists. We work to ensure that the workplaces of bristol and the South West area are hygienic and spotlessly clean – we’ve been doing this for many years. Arrange a thorough deep clean of your professional space or set up a complete cleaning rota with our team today. Contact us today for your free no obligation quote.

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